Winter camping on the Cheviot plateau

Climbing up the Cheviot in Northumberland in the summer is a stellar effort, but imagine hiking up in the snow? Then to top it off, spending a night camping out on the Cheviot plateau!

This is what our Fabulous North friend Stephen Dack did with his son Mark at the start of April.

Here is what Stephen said:

Last night I went up Cheviot to meet Mark, my son who was already on the top doing the Harthope Valley Horseshoe.

I set off at 18:35 and eventually met up with him at 22:05 with no torch needed until 20:30 as the snow made it bright enough to walk. .

The depth of the snow varied from about 30cms to over a metre in places.

There were many soul searching moments I can tell you, it was hard work. Saying that I was well within my capabilities and hill knowledge..

We set up tents on the Cheviot plateau and bunkered down for the night and were duly rewarded with glorious blue skies and beautiful formations on the fences.

We could have been in the arctic due to the immense size of the Cheviot plateau..

Stephen continues: It reminded me of the 1970s when I was on Cheviot when it was like this from December onwards..

What an amazing effort and here are even more photographs from Stephen which make me just want to jump into a hot bath, put on my onesie and then wrap myself in an electric blanket.

We also just want to add that Stephen and his son are knowledgeable and experienced hill walkers, so don't try this at home. Why not enjoy this virtual tour instead.

Time for a hot chocolate!