Special Collections

We're here to celebrate amazing places to visit in the north and have grouped some of places into special collections for you to enjoy.

LJ Ross

If you love reading and the north east, then no doubt you will be a fan of the amazing books by LJ Ross. The series follows the work of Detective Chief Inspector Ryan and his team as they investigate a variety of murders and other crimes and set in the fabulous north. As fans we have visited most of the locations mentioned in the books and you can find their whereabouts here or just enjoy a virtual tour.

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Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall, built around AD 122 by Emperor Hadrian, marked the northern edge of the Roman Empire in Britain. Stretching 73 miles across northern England, it featured forts and defensive structures, serving as a defense, trade route regulator, and Roman symbol. Find a number of fascinating temples, bridges and buildings on this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Ray Lonsdale

Dotted around the north east you will no doubt bump into a number of these amazing metal sculptures by Ray Lonsdale. His sculptures tend to convey complex emotions and stories through the medium of metal exploring themes of humanity, relationships, and the human experience. See how many you have already visited in our Ray Lonsdale collection.

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National Trust

Having been members of the National Trust for decades to have visited a canny few of their places and there are some sensational locations in the north. The National Trust's mission is to "protect forever places of historic interest or natural beauty for the benefit of the nation, for everyone, for ever". And in appreciation for that we have created a special collection for the National Trust places in the north.

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English Heritage

If you fancy visiting much older locations then you will find these are usually managed by the wonderful English Heritage. Their mission is to "conserve and protect the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations". Although some places are just a shell of their former selves we still love it!

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Saint Cuthbert

If you're a bit of a fan of local legend Saint Cuthbert, then we have grouped all his places into one place so you can easily perform your own mini pilgrimage. If you didn't know Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne was a revered Anglo-Saxon saint and bishop known for his profound piety and contributions to early Christianity. A monk and hermit, he played a pivotal role in the spread of Christianity across Northumbria and had a huge influence on Lindisfarne, where he became bishop, is legendary.

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Saint Aidan

Another well known lad in Northumberland is Saint Aidan who was a pivotal figure in the early spread of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. Hailing from Ireland, he was chosen by King Oswald to establish a monastery on Lindisfarne, which became a center of learning and evangelism. Aidan's humble and compassionate approach, coupled with his commitment to teaching and serving the community, endeared him to many.

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Other Saints

We're spoilt for choice for saints in the north east, so once you have read all about Saint Cuthbert and Saint Aidan, then check out the other saints who had a big influence in the north east. If you find a new place, then do let us know.

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Northumberland Trig Points

If you are looking to bag all of the trig points in Northumberland then we have a dedicated website for all these powered by the Fabulous North.

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County Durham Trig Points

On the hunt for bagging all of the trig points in County Durham? Our specialised sister site powered by the Fabulous North shows you where they all are.

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