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We think of all our lovely Fabulous North visitors as VIPs, but if you register for free you get some special perks too! This includes adding places to your bucket list and ticking off which places you have visited.


You can sit and work your way through all our Fabulous places and keep track of those you have already visited and those you would like to. And most importantly you can view where you rank for places visited on the league table.

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How Does It Work

When you are searching through our fabulous places for your next adventure, look out for the Add To Bucket List and I Have Visited This Place buttons.

Clicking these will save the place in your VIP Area.

Once you have added places then click the VIP Area button in the menu to show all your chosen places.

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Find All Your Places On The Map

Once you have ticked off all the places you have visited and added some to your bucket list, then head over to the Fabulous North map.

Here you will find all your places colour co-ordinated to help you see where you have been and what is next to do.

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Have You Visited The Most Places?

Do you think you have seen everything there is to see in Northumberland and the North East. See where you rank in the league table with all the other Fabulous North Vips.

Find places and click the I Have Visited This Place button to add to your score.

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Are you a Castle Connoisseur or a Bastle Buster, or maybe a Lonsdale Legend?

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