Dunmoor Hill And Cunyan Crags
19km The Cheviots Northumberland

Dunmoor Hill And Cunyan Crags Hike

The Cheviots, Northumberland

A lovely jaunt up Cunyan Crags then onto Dunmoor Hill in Ingram Valley including Reaveley Hill, a stone circle, Long Crag and Cat Crag.

Distance - 19km (12 miles)

Ascent - 570m

Duration - Approx 5 hours

Terrain - Mainly walking on grassy paths.

Parking - You can park in Bulby Wood car park (there are loos there!) or near Inigram Bridge. Or just find a chunky grassy verge. View Parking Map

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If you have ever wandered along the Breamish Valley from Ingram to Linhope and cast your gaze up the hills, then you will certainly have seen a number of crags along the way.

As I am currently having a stab at ticking off some of the chunkier Cheviot Hills over 500m high I thought I would check out these crags and also tackle a single hill in the process.

As usual the route was plotted out on my digital and printed OS maps.

The part of the route near the start and finsh is along the valley floor so I split this by parking in the middle at Bulby Wood car park. Also the added benefit that there are loos here too!

So I head east back along to Ingram Bridge and cross over that and follow the main road before turning off towards Reaveley Hill.

Looking across and this appears to be Ewe Hill which is the front face of Reaveley Hill.

Just past the farm buildings I head up the permissive track and start my ascent.

Yup you've guessed it. That misty hill in the distance are where Cunyan Crags are.

Just across the field was a farm building with a little ruin in the back garden.

Final approach to the bottom of the hill housing the crags and it's not looking too great on top.

Spying a trig point nearby, I make a swift diversion before heading back on to the trail.

Lots of little cairns up on the Cheviots and as I pass this one, I get my first proper glimpse at Cuyan Crags.

And the best thing ever. I found a little stone circle with another cairn for a neighbour.

As with all my recent walks, just as I was starting my ascent, the heavens opened, so waterproof clothing immediately on. Visibility getting progressively worse.

And we have arrived at Cunyan Crags.

On top of the rain and mist, it's now starting to get rather windy. I take a few more photos of the crags before I need to return my phone to its waterproof pouch.

Leaving the crags behind, the path now leads towards Dunmoor Hill (569m) sitting nearly 100m higher than Cunyan Crags. A final look back and the crags are slowly starting to disappear behind the mist.

Just approaching the peak of Dunmoor Hill and a couple of much needed little rocks and cairns to shelter next to as the wind is starting to pick up more.

And that patch here, is the top of Dunmoor Hill!

Turning south from the hill my next destination is Long Crag and Cat Crag.

Then through the mist, Long Crag eerily appears.

Time for a spot of lunch so I shelter from the wind behind the crag just as the rains eases from being torrential to just tipping it down. Surprisingly I am not the only person up here as a couple of other walkers are already tucking into their sandwiches.

As I climb to the top, I can just make out Cat Crag in the distance.

Clambering down I start the short journey across.

A little look behind at Long Crag and it's already being consumed by the mist.

After a brief stay on Cat Crag, I start my descent down the hillside.

A quick look back and I can just make out Long Crag and Cat Crag.

Descending the hill takes me past more rocks then into a little craggy gorge.

Following the line of the little gorge, I meet up with the permissive path that skirts the bottom of Dunmoor Hill as I start my return.

I can just make out Cat Crag and Long Crag from the bottom.

And also Cunyan Crags too.

Then it's just a gentle saunter along the bottom of the hill. Fortunately the wind and rain have both piped down.

Fully down from the hill and now it's just a quick saunter along the valley floor back to the car.

A lovely wander finding some crags and bagging a decent hill too.

18km distance, 522m elevation in 3 hours and 30 mins.

Where to Park For Dunmoor Hill And Cunyan Crags

Lat / Long

55.441206, 55.441206

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Where To Park For Dunmoor Hill And Cunyan Crags?

What three words


You can park in Bulby Wood car park (there are loos there!) or near Inigram Bridge. Or just find a chunky grassy verge.

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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