Wreighill Pike Trig Point
Trig Point Rothbury Northumberland

Wreighill Pike Trig Point

Trig Point In Rothbury, Northumberland

The Wreighill Pike trig point sits in a field just north of Hepple (219m) near Rothbury.

Height - 219m // Bracket - S8035 // Postcode - NE65 7AQ

This is the Wreighill Pike trig point (219m) near Rothbury.

From the parking spot, follow the finger post along a grassy track. At the gate turn right.

Follow the fence line to the end of the field, then go through the gate. Head for the the woodland. At this point you can see a cairn and the trig point beyond. Access to the trig involves going through a gate and a quick fence hop.

This route is only 1km from the car and 50m ascent.

Follow the above route or find on OS Maps.

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How To Find Wreighill Pike Trig Point

Where Is Wreighill Pike Trig Point?

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Lat / Long

55.313725, -2.0317344

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Where To Park For Wreighill Pike Trig Point?

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Lat / Long

55.314723, 55.314723

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There is parking for one car at the entrance to the field, please do not block the gate.

Contributed by Lorraine London

Helping you find all the trig points in County Durham.

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Lorraine London

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Wreighill Pike Trig Point was listed in Trig Point // Northumberland // Rothbury