Amble Art Trail Bord Waalk

Art Amble Northumberland

Amble Art Trail Bord Waalk

Art In Amble, Northumberland

A trail of 12 bird related art exhibits dotted around the town of Amble. Find their exact whereabouts with our handy map and exact locations.

You've probably guessed by now that the Fabulous North team like a bit of twitching (bird watching if you need a translation) and so it was great to see that a new bird-themed art trail is being gradually unveiled on the Amble coast.

This walking art trail is known as the Bord Waalk (bird walk if you need another translation!) and features 12 sculptures, although some are still under construction. Here is all you need to know about where they are and what to look out for.

1. Roseate Terns In Flight

Designed by Celia Smith this sculpture is at the entrance to Hauxley Nature Reserve and was inspired by the Roseate Terns that breed on Coquet Island just off the coast of Amble.

2. Tree

Created by Rodney Harris this brick tree has holes for tree sparrow nests. This is located on the beach near Hauxley Nature Reserve 200m from the Roseate Terns In Flight.

3. Murmuration

Designed by local artist Frances Anderson, this sculpture depicts a flock or starlings in flight known as a murmuration. It is next to the East Cemetery

4. Big Puffin

The Big Puffin (probs my favourite!) is a giant neolithic faux stone puffin by Ben Greenwood sitting in Paddlers Park.

5. Cracked Eggs

This sculpture will be installed on the top of at the top of Horseshoe Hill and is by Stuart Langley. There is a concrete plinth there ready, but was not there as of January 2023. Let us know when it's installed.

6. Uplift

This sculpture is designed by Jonny Michie and is on the roof of Spurrelis.

We missed this one as we were looking at ground level and didn't think to look up. Fortunately our new Fabulous North friend Lynne Morelli from Fotografia Morelli sent us these lovely pictures.

7. Bird Heads

Located in the town square next to the sun dial these three bird heads are by Andrew Burton.

8. Recycled Terns

The Recycled Terns is designed by Diane Watson and was influenced by plastic pollution It is situated in the new car park next to the marina. Thanks again to our Amble correspondant Lynne Morelli for these pictures.

9. Bird Song

This sculpture by Aether and Hemera can be found on the Braid and represents a 3D rhythmic pattern that mimic the harmonic sound of the roseate tern call.

10. Flock Sphere

This fabulous sculpture can be found next to the Coquet Shorebase and is by Rob Mulholland. Rob explains, "The sculpture has been created using cut stainless steel bird shapes that are interlocked and welded to form a three dimensional sphere. An open entrance on one side allows people the opportunity to enter the sphere and become part of the bird flock, thus creating an immersive and unique experience."

11. Tern Wings

Just further along from the Sphere are the Tern Wings by Jon Voss which were inspired by the wings of a Roseate Tern.

12. Dokie Egg

A dokie is a local byname for a guillemot and this sculpture combines a Guillemot's egg and a fishing coble. Created by Alec Finlay he explains, “It's a place to sit, shelter, look and listen.”

Keep checking back on this page and we will add the new sculptures as they are installed. For more information about the art trail, check out The Ambler website.

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Simon Hawkins

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue Pele tower up a remote hill or a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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