Church of St Agatha
Religious Place Richmond North Yorkshire

Church of St Agatha

Religious Place In Richmond, North Yorkshire

A church in Richmond with built elements dating from the 12th century.

A short walk from Richmond town centre, lies the Church of St Agatha, Easby, which can trace its origins back to the early Christian era, with archaeological evidence suggesting worship on the site as early as the 7th century. The present structure, however, emerged in the 12th century, reflecting the architectural styles of its time. Constructed from stone and adorned with slate and lead roofs, its blend of 12th, 13th, and 14th-century elements adds to its visual intrigue, and its architectural story.

Upon entering through the late 14th-century south porch, what appears to be an ordinary, simple church from the outside, reveals a surprisingly beautiful interior. The nave, with its three unassuming bays, contains pilaster buttresses flanking a lancet window, a remnant of the Norman influence in the earliest construction. Your journey starts at the 12th-century French font, a simple yet enduring symbol of baptism and rebirth.

The true gems of St Agatha lie beyond the nave. The north transept, added in the 13th century, houses a replica of the famed Easby Cross. While only a copy of the original, which now resides in the Victoria and Albert Museum, it still captivates with its intricate Celtic interlace patterns and Biblical scenes.

Carved sometime between 800 and 820 AD, the Easby Cross once stood in the village of Easby and is thought to have been around 3 meters in height. Carved from Aislaby Sandstone, its two surviving fragments showcase masterful carving techniques. One fragment depicts Christ in Majesty, flanked by angels, radiating divine authority. The other showcases intricate vine-scroll adorned with a bird and a beast, symbolizing both peace and danger in the natural world.

The cross's artistic style reflects a fascinating confluence of cultural influences. Interlace patterns, a hallmark of Celtic art, intertwine with figures reminiscent of continental European styles. This fusion speaks to the vibrant exchange of ideas between different cultures flourishing under Charlemagne's reign.

It is in the chancel that St Agatha truly unveils its treasures. Here, you can find a spectacular collection of mid-13th-century frescoes. These vibrant paintings depict scenes from the Garden of Eden, the Nativity, and the Passion, transporting you to a time when faith was expressed through powerful visuals, stories etched in pigment on the church walls.

At the east end of the chancel sits the magnificent reredos, a carved screen adorned with intricate details. This 15th century masterpiece depicts scenes from the life of Christ, offering a visual narrative for parishioners during services. Above it, the east window, with its larger panes and intricate tracery, allows shafts of sunlight to illuminate the altar, creating a sense of awe and reverence.

While the nave, transept, and chancel offer the most prominent architectural features, don't overlook the hidden gems tucked away in other corners. Explore the south porch with its vaulted ceiling, or step outside and examine the single bellcote on the western wall of St Agatha's, its simple design contrasting with the grandeur of the church, yet serving its purpose faithfully for centuries.

You can walk around the churchyard and admire the views over to the ruins of Easby Abbey next door. If you are lucky there will be a mobile coffee shop in the car park where you can get some water or a hot drink and a slice of flapjack to give you the energy for the rest of your day.

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Parking is available in a small parking area outside the church.

Contributed by Andrew Gardner

I love being outdoors, in nature, and experiencing the relaxation it brings. Wandering through the northern countryside seeing unexpected buildings, historic places and occasionally surprised wildlife is one of life's great pleasures.

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