New Flamborough Lighthouse
Lighthouse Flamborough East Riding Of Yorkshire

New Flamborough Lighthouse

Lighthouse In Flamborough, East Riding Of Yorkshire

The new Flamborough Head Lighthouse built in 1806.

The first lighthouse established on Flamborough Head was built in 1669, although it was never officially lit. For over 200 years the original's replacement, standing 26m tall, has played a vital role in the maritime safety of Flamborough Head.

The name Flamborough has in the past been thought to have derived from it being a place of flame but its entry in the Domesday Book has it as “Flaneberg” which may well derive from the Saxon word “Flaen” which means “Dart” as the headland itself is dart like in shape.

The lighthouse's story is intrinsically linked to the treacherous coastline it overlooks. Flamborough Head, is notorious for its hidden reefs and strong currents. Shipwrecks were frequent occurrences before the lighthouse's construction. The task of designing and building the lighthouse fell to Trinity House Architect Samuel Wyatt, and it was first lit on 1st December 1806. One of its innovations was the distinctive light characteristic of having two white light flashes followed by one red one. This was achieved by having red glass on one side of the three-sided reflector.

This red light was apparently used to help distinguish the lighthouse from the one at Cromer, indeed an old Victorian Pilot Book contains the mnemonic “Two whites, one red, indicates Flambro' Head”.

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, technological advancements transformed the lighthouse. In 1872 the oil lamp was replaced by a paraffin lamp, offering increased intensity and burning time. The most significant change came in the mid-20th century when the lighthouse was converted to operate on electricity. This not only reduced the keepers' workload but also allowed for the implementation of a more automated system.

The automation of the lighthouse did not, however, render the keepers obsolete. Their role evolved into that of lighthouse technicians, responsible for maintaining the complex machinery and ensuring the continued operation of the light. The final lighthouse keepers departed Flamborough Head in 1996, marking the end of an era.

Today, Flamborough Head Lighthouse remains an active aid to navigation, guiding modern ships with its automated light characteristic However, its significance extends beyond its navigational function. The lighthouse has become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors interested in its history, stunning coastal views, and the opportunity to climb up to the lantern room and experience the breathtaking panorama.

The Flamborough Head Lighthouse is managed by the Trinity House, the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council, in partnership with Trinity House, operates the Flamborough Head Lighthouse Visitor Centre. The visitor center offers interactive exhibits detailing the history of lighthouses, the role of lighthouse keepers, and the importance of maritime safety. Visitors can also learn about the abundant birdlife found on the headland, including puffins, guillemots, and razorbills.

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How To Find New Flamborough Lighthouse

Where Is New Flamborough Lighthouse?

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54.116389, -0.082666

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Parking is available directly adjacent to the Lighthouse.

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