Meggie's Burn And Blyth Coast
6km Blyth Northumberland

Meggie's Burn And Blyth Coast Walk

Blyth, Northumberland

A wander to Meggie's Burn in Blyth and then back along the coast and via the promenade.

Distance - 6km (4 miles)

Ascent - 14m

Duration - Approx 2 hours

Terrain - A mixture of tarmac and grassy paths. Bit clartly in the winter weather in parts.

Parking - Plenty of spaces in the Mermaid car park on the Blyth sea front. View Parking Map

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This is a nice flat walk from the Blyth sea front along to Meggie's Burn, a small fishing pond just inland.

From the car park we head over the road and head on to the path signposted Gloucester lodge playing fields. From here is a short 1.5km meander to the pond.

Meggie's Burn is actually a reservoir and was probably made to supply fresh water to the collieries that used to be dotted around this area. There are lots of little jetties dotted around the perimeter for anglers to drop their tackle.

We do a little circuit of the reservoir which took less than 5 mins, stopping to take some shots of the calm waters from different angles.

Leaving Meggie's Burn behind we continued on west and then headed south on the permissive path towards Lysdon Farm. I always feel like I am encroaching when heading through farms, so we don't dawdle and soon we are on the path out in the fields.

We can see Seaton Delaval Hall from here too!

Then it's just a straight line all the way back to the coast. Crossing over the road we head onto the Eve Black Coastal Walkway and head past the Cycling Totem Poles.

The path then leads on to the promenade with the Blyth Battery guns and the old lifeguard buildings.

Keeping on the promenade we then see Blyth Lighthouse in the distance and the colourful Blyth Beach Huts.

Just a bit further along are the northern and southern searchlight emplacements, which are World War 1 searchlights for tracking high altitude aircraft.

Looping around the bandstand we head on the path near the road to make our way back to the car park.

Where to Park For Meggie's Burn And Blyth Coast

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55.107064, 55.107064

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Where To Park For Meggie's Burn And Blyth Coast?

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Plenty of spaces in the Mermaid car park on the Blyth sea front.

Fabulous Places On This Walk

Discover what fabulous places you will find on this walk - Meggie's Burn And Blyth Coast.

Blyth Battery Guns
Blyth Battery Guns
Military Blyth Northumberland

Two replica Mark VII 6"naval guns mounted on the Blyth beach promenade.

Blyth Beach Huts
Blyth Beach Huts
Building Blyth Northumberland

A beautiful set of beach huts situated on the Blyth Promenade.

Meggie's Burn Reservoir
Meggie's Burn Reservoir
Water Blyth Northumberland

A small square reservoir just off the coast of Blyth.

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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Bath Terrace Lighthouse
Bath Terrace Lighthouse
Lighthouse Blyth Northumberland

A lighthouse situated 100m inland in Bath Terrace, Blyth.

Blyth Rocket House
Blyth Rocket House
Building Blyth Northumberland

The building used to house the rocket apparatus for saving crews from stranded ships near Blyth harbour.

Robbie Dale Mural
Robbie Dale Mural
Art Blyth Northumberland

A mural of the Blyth Spartans legend - Robbie Dale

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