Yearning Law, Border Ridge To Windy Gyle
27km The Cheviots Northumberland

Yearning Law, Border Ridge To Windy Gyle Walk

The Cheviots, Northumberland

A wander up Yearning Law to find Yearning Hall, then along the border ridge to Windy Gyle, then back down via Ward Law.

Distance - 27km (17 miles)

Ascent - 1,026m

Duration - Approx 7 hours

Terrain - Mainly grassy tracks on the hills, but as always, expect clarts.

Parking - Park in Wedder Leap car park. View Parking Map

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I'm still trying to explore as many of the hills over 300m in The Cheviots and so today's route was to tick off some of the Border Ridge. Parking up at Wedder Leap car park the initial plan was to head up to Swineside Law, then across towards Yearning Law before heading up on to the ridge.

The walk starts with a little pootle next to the River Coquet and there is also facilities here in case you need to phone home.

From here, I head straight up The Street towards Hindside Knowe. The map indicated that I was right next to a place called The Slime, but I couldn't see anything noticeable.

With Hindside Law in the rear view mirror, I start the trek up to Swineside Law which is just another 60m of ascent.

From the top of Swineside Law that little valley to the north is just below the border ridge with Beefstand Hill to the left and Mozie Law to the right. I'll get a better view when I head around there later on.

But for now I need to head south west. My initial plan was to somehow head straight over onto Carlcroft Hill which is to the right, but it was a bit steep down, with no clear path and there were cows roaming free.

Although this is all on open access land, I am not a big fan of wandering cattle as sometimes they can be a little friendly and follow you. For all those reasons I decided it was best to just head back down to Hindside Knowe and then back on the valley floor.

Back on the road and if you ever wondered how the farmers are able to drive around on such clarty land, then have a look at this beast!

A gentle walk on the valley floor for 1km until I get to Blindburn and then it's back up on to the hills heading north towards Yearning Law.

That is Broadside Law and Carlcroft Hill to the right, but I still haven't reached the border ridge yet, so I hike on.

After another km of climbing I catch my first sight of Yearning Law. The ground has flattened out so it's a pretty easy wander over.

Smashing views from the top too.

I head straight over and before I know it, Yearning Law is fading into the distance.

When I was planning my route I noticed a ruin on the map called Yearning Hall. Wasn't sure if there was going to be much left to see, but I thought I would head over in that direction to investigate.

It was a lovely surprise to find a canny ruin just sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Don't worry, Yearning Hall will be getting its own right up soon.

Leaving Yearning Hall I looked west and could just make out the mountain refuge hut on the border ridge which is my lunch break stop.

I had a quick peek inside, signed the visitor's book and had a smile with Rodney!

After troughing my fruity malt it was a nice easy stroll over the border ridge. Very easy to navigate as you just follow the fence line east and in parts there is even a pavement to walk on.

Canny views over into Scotland.

Then I spy my first trig point of the day on top of Lamb Hill.

Then I just continue on the border ridge, which this part is currently on the Pennine Way, and I head towards Beefstand Hill.

Now remember earlier in the walk when I was looking up the valley from Swineside Law? Well here is the view from the ridge back south towards it. Pretty spectacular!

I keep on following the Pennine Way and this leads me right to Mozie Law.

From the top I can just make out Russell's Cairn sitting on top of Windy Gyle.

I'm getting closer, but there is still a canny dip and a climb to tackle.

I am treated to a wonderful view of The Cheviot though.

Final push and am just approaching Windy Gyle. Fortunately it's pretty much all downhill from here!

Heading south now and at the bottom of this track are 2 grassy hills. Little Ward Law to the left and Ward Law to the right.

A little look back north to the border ridge and I have descended a canny way. Windy Gyle is somewhere beyond that.

As I am passing I may as well pop in and find Murder Cleugh again.

From here it's now just a quick march over Barrow Law.

And then back towards the valley floor to the car park.

Another smashing wander out in the Cheviots and ticking some new places off my list.

Where to Park For Yearning Law, Border Ridge To Windy Gyle

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55.386737, 55.386737

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Where To Park For Yearning Law, Border Ridge To Windy Gyle?

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Park in Wedder Leap car park.

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Lamb Hill Trig Point
Lamb Hill Trig Point
Trig Point The Cheviots Northumberland

The trig point sitting on top of Lamb Hill on the border ridge (511m).

Windy Gyle Trig Point
Windy Gyle Trig Point
Trig Point The Cheviots Northumberland

The trig point sitting on top of Windy Gyle (619m).

Murder Cleugh
Murder Cleugh
Standing Stone The Cheviots Northumberland

A small marker stone where Robert Lumsden murdered Isabella Sudden in 1610.

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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Trig Point The Cheviots Northumberland

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Newton Tors Trig Point
Newton Tors Trig Point
Trig Point The Cheviots Northumberland

The trig point sitting on top of Newton Tors in The Cheviots (537m).

Cheviot Summit Trig Point
Cheviot Summit Trig Point
Trig Point The Cheviots Northumberland

The trig point sitting on top of The Cheviot Summit (815m).

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