Gibside Banqueting House
Building Gateshead Tyne And Wear

Gibside Banqueting House

Building In Gateshead, Tyne And Wear

A beautiful folly set in the grounds of the Gibside estate which is now a holiday home.

If you have ever ventured to Gibside, then you will no doubt have seen a lovely little folly known as the Banqueting House sitting just above the Octagon Pond. Although residing on the Gibside estate, it's actually a private holiday home that is owned by the Landmark Trust, so you can't actually visit it as part of your wander.

Fortunately the Landmark Trust open the house for a weekend every year for visitors to have a mooch about and so we headed up to catch a glimpse at it close up.

Back in the 1700s, landowners like to show off their wealth by building these kind of follies on their estates and the owner of Gibside, George Bowes, was no different. The architect for most of the buildings at Gibside was Daniel Garrett and he was a big fan of Gothick design, so the Banqueting House was built in this style during the 1740s.

Garrett was inspired by the buildings of the Middle Ages and so he copied fancy pinnacles (small spires) that you would tend to find on cathedrals. He also added crenellations copied straight from medieval castles.

The roof of the Banqueting House fell in and it became a ruin without windows in the 1900s before being rescued by the Landmark Trust who restored it in 1981.

It's now in immaculate condition and can sleep up to 4 people. Here are a wadge more photos to tempt you to book a stay.

Now bad views either. Octagon pond through a hexagon window.

And an early design of the Banqueting House.

So if you fancy having a weekend being the Lord or Lady of Gibside, then you will need to book early. Apparently the house is really popular and there is a rarely a day when it's not booked!

If you aren't residing in the house or visiting as part of the Heritage Day, then the closest you will get to the Banqueting House is the view from the Octagon Pond.

We featured on Historic England.

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54.917893, 54.917893

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There is a dedicated car park for the Gibside grounds.

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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