Howk Bobbin Mill
Building Carlisle Cumbria

Howk Bobbin Mill

Building In Carlisle, Cumbria

Howk Bobbin Mill is a ruined 19th century mill, it is hidden away surrounded by trees with the River Caldew running alongside it and the mystical fairy pools nearby.

The name Caldbeck comes from the Norse for 'cold stream', one of many signs of the Norse settlers from Cumbria's past. The How Bobbin Mill is a hidden gem, hidden away by trees with the River Caldew and the 'fairy pools' running alongside it.

The mill began production in 1857 and mainly made spinning and threading bobbins for the cotton industry. This helped meet the huge demand of the Lancashire textile industry. At its peak, the mill employed 60 men/boys, it was one of the largest in the Lake District area.

At one point, it had the largest overshot wheel in the country- a staggering 3ft wide with a 42ft diameter structure. The wood for the bobbins was sourced from the ancient coppices' woodland nearby. Horse and cart were used to transport raw and finished products.

By 1912, the textile industry in the UK was at its peak but WWI spelt disaster for the industry. Cotton could no longer be exported to overseas countries. This resulted in these countries setting up their own factories, particularly Japan.

Other countries were also producing cloth much cheaper than in Britain. This resulted in the decline of the British textiles industry. Caldbeck Howk Bobbin Mill closed in 1924 and began to deteriorate. After a turbulent few decades the textile industry in Britain had all but vanished by the 1980s. All that was left of the once pride of British industry was empty factories and the towns which has sprung up around them due to the boom.

Although all we see today is a ruin, there is something special about these ruins where nature is slowly retaking the man-made mill which was a sign of our rich industrial past.

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How To Find Howk Bobbin Mill

Where Is Howk Bobbin Mill?

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54.748046, -3.058973

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Where To Park For Howk Bobbin Mill?

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54.749394, 54.749394

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Parking is found at the village car park which is signposted, this is free to park but donations are welcomed for its upkeep. Although there are plenty of spaces it is advised to get there early as spaces can fill up quickly, it is then a walk of around quarter of a mile to the Howk Bobbin Mill.

Contributed by Jonny Fraser

I enjoy getting out as much as I can, mainly to visit historical sites, this includes getting as much use as possible out of my English Heritage membership. I'm extremely passionate about history, especially anything to do with local history. Although I visit anywhere with history, I enjoy visiting lesser known sites and getting their histories told.

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