Rothbury Tree Trail
Landscape Rothbury Northumberland

Rothbury Tree Trail

Landscape In Rothbury, Northumberland

A tree trail around Rothbury town centre and riverside showing you all the different types of trees and their history.

Rothbury is an absolute haven for fabulous places to visit including Sharp's Folly, Cragside and the spectacular Simonside Hills. But if you love a bit of nature too, then a stroll along the riverside and town centre will allow you to find some wonderful trees on the Rothbury Tree Trail.

The trees themselves are super easy to find as the Tree Wardens of Rothbury have created a website for the trail with an app you can download. The app has a map you can follow which then activates audio information as you approach the trees.

The trail is only 4km and all pretty much on the flat too.

1. Veteran Beech

From Cowhaugh car park head over the little white bridge and this magnificent beech tree will be right in front of you towering over the old toilet blocks.

According to the audio on the app, this beech tree is 3.6m in girth, but can grow to 6m and can live up to 350 years.

2. Craa Tree

Leaving the beech tree we head west along the riverside path and then up into Beggar's Rigg car park to the Craa Tree (Crow Tree).

There was once 3 ash trees and they were described as Venerable by the famous Coquetdale natural historian Dippie Dixon.

3. RPC Centenary Rowan

From the car park we now head east along the road and back in to the town centre and the Rowan can be found outside the United Reform Church.

Did you know the Celtic name for this tree translates to Wizards Tree? It was planted in 1995 to celebrate 100 years of the Rothbury Parish Council.

4. Horse Chestnut Tree

A short walk across the road we then found the Horse Chestnut Tree towering over the war memorial.

This Horse Chestnut Tree was planted by the Rector Charles Harcourt in 1858. Unfortunately we were too late in the season and there were no conkers left to find.

5. Beech Tree

We continued heading along the high street and then turned up Brewery Lane just past the Queen's Head.

The beech tree is known as the Queen Of The Trees and can grow up to a height of 40m.

6. Weeping Ash

Back down to the high street and continue east and a pair of Weeping Ash trees can be found in the gardens of the Armstrong Cottages.

The Weeping Ash was cultivated as an attractive ornamental tree and can reach heights of up to 15m.

7. Sycamore

Further along we crossed the road and looked for the Rothbury FC sign which is where the Sycamore tree was located. There was a match going on at the time, so we took some photos from a distance instead.

The Sycamore is the middle tree, was likely planted around 1833 and stands at 25m tall.

From here, head back towards the Armstrong Cottages, through the flood gates opposite and then follow the riverside walk back to the car park.

We hope you enjoyed the Rothbury Tree Trail and is a lovely little walk through the town of Rothbury. A fabulous bonus is that you can visit again in each season and see different states of the trees.

Thanks to the Trees Of Rothbury website for the information and we would definitely recommend downloading the tree trail app to not only help you find the trees, but also read and listen to their fascinating history too.

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How To Find Rothbury Tree Trail

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Park in the Cowhaugh car park as the trail starts just over the nearby bridge.

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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