Hen Hole And Cheviot Summit
23km The Cheviots Northumberland

Hen Hole And Cheviot Summit Hike

The Cheviots, Northumberland

An amazing walk sweeping around the back of The Cheviot before ascending up the spectacular Hen Hole and then back down via Scald Hill. Also traversing Cairn Hill, The Cheviot Summit and a visit to Auchope Cairn.

Distance - 23km (14 miles)

Ascent - 1,146m

Duration - Approx 6 hours

Terrain - A mixture of grassy paths, some scrambling up the Hen Hole, a pavement along the Cheviot Summit and some other gravel paths. Can be a little muddy in wet weather.

Parking - Plenty of parking in a big grass verge just off the road. View Parking Map

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Having seen so many posts and amazing pictures about the Hen Hole Waterfall in Northumberland, and my legs not getting any younger, I decided that the summer would be a good time to try and make a visit.

With it being in a very remote location, there seemed to be so many comments on the best way to get to it. In the end I found that the Northumberland Ramblers group were heading up in July, so I tagged along.

The plan was to park at Langleeford and then head west sweeping around the back of the Cheviot.

Lovely little view of Housey Crags at the start of the walk.

The initial part of the walk was amazing picturesque with views of rolling green hills as we stayed in the valley between Blackseat Hill and Broadhope Hill before skirting Preston Hill.

Fortunately after an initial climb the walk is quite flat until we reach the Hen Hole.

After around 10km we stop for a quick lunch break before we turn the corner and meet up with the College Burn.

Just around the corner of this hill is the start of the College Valley so prepare your eyes for a feast.

The first thing you spy are these enormous crags sticking out of the side of the valley transporting us from Northumberland to Middle Earth in the Lord Of The Rings!

Following a couple of smaller waterfalls we arrive at the majestic Three Sisters Waterfall. I have seen photos of this many times before, but seeing it in real life is just spectacular!

It's way too easy to just sit here and take umpteen photos as it's just photogenic from every angle.

To progress up the Hen Hole you just pick the best path which means regularly criss-crossing over the burn. Amazing views of the crags all around.

A final waterfall marks our time to ascend out of the Hen Hole and rejoin the Pennine Way.

A final look behind and we start to ascend up the side of the Hen Hole.

That was a bit of a brute to climb, but we finally arrive at Auchope Cairn and some wonderful views over the Northumberland countryside. On a clear day you can even see the Lake District.

A quick stop here to regroup and then it's time to head up to the highest point in Northumberland - The Cheviot Summit.

Not the prettiest trig point, but at least there is somewhere to sit and rest the legs.

Some fine views of Hedgehope Hill, but will save that walk for another day.

Then it's just a simple descent down Scald Hill and back to the car.

Oof, look at that fabulous elevation!

Around 23km in total and breath taking views all around. Thank you to the lovely Northumbria Ramblers Walking Group who are a smashing bunch. For more information on how to visit the Hen Hole, view our write up for it in the Find Places In Northumberland section of on the website.

Where to Park For Hen Hole And Cheviot Summit

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55.496402, 55.496402

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Where To Park For Hen Hole And Cheviot Summit?

What three words


Plenty of parking in a big grass verge just off the road.

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Hen Hole
Hen Hole
Waterfall The Cheviots Northumberland

The most spectacular gorge with cascades and waterfalls in the whole of Northumberland if not the UK!

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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