Freya's Cabin
Building Kielder Northumberland

Freya's Cabin

Building In Kielder, Northumberland

A timber cabin set on the banks of Kielder Water mirrored on the opposite bank by another, more simple hut.

Freya's Cabin, and its companion piece Robin's Hut, are timber buildings built on opposite shores of Kielder Water and designed by Studio Weave. The cabin is designed to be reflective of the surrounding landscape and is constructed from profiled, sectional slices of timber that looks like tree limbs, while the hut, which mirrors the size of the cabin, is a more traditional timber frame clad with wooden tiles. Both buildings are open to the elements and provide shelters for weary visitors on the Lakeside Walk.

The cabin and hut are named after two fictional characters, Freya, named after the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility, and Robin who lived on the opposite side of the lake in a simple wooden hut and loved to walk in the woodland and look after the trees and animals. Freya falls for Robin and builds him an intricate cabin and places it opposite his hut to give him the best chance of seeing her gift. Freya's Cabin is modelled on her flower press and has the look of an enchanted forest.

Their story is best told in the words of the Architect themselves;

“Robin lived in a simple wooden hut on the edge of the forest on the north bank. Freya, who loved flowers (and Robin!), lived on the south bank. Freya fell for robin and showed her affection by making him the gift of an intricate cabin in the image of the woodlands he so loved. meanwhile, over the water, Robin was building a boat, which Freya thought he was building in order to row over to her and the cabin. But the cabin was on the south bank, so robin couldn't see Freya or the cabin because of the sun in his eyes. He was actually heading off on an adventure.”.

“Once Freya realised that Robin was rowing in the opposite direction she was so upset she cried tears of gold. As she lovingly wrapped the cabin in her gold tears, Robin saw something glinting in the distance, so he rowed across the water towards it. He was moved by the cabin and invited Freya on his adventure with him. They didn't leave very long ago, so they are still away adventuring, but if you can find it, you can see Robin's wooden hut and the golden cabin that Freya made for him, facing each other across the lake, awaiting their return.”.

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How To Find Freya's Cabin

Where Is Freya's Cabin?

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55.176841, -2.5244

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Where To Park For Freya's Cabin?

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55.18374, 55.18374

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Parking is available nearby at Kielder Waterside Car Park.

Contributed by Andrew Gardner

I love being outdoors, in nature, and experiencing the relaxation it brings. Wandering through the northern countryside seeing unexpected buildings, historic places and occasionally surprised wildlife is one of life's great pleasures.

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Andrew Gardner

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