Crags Around Hedgehope Hill And Langleeford
18km The Cheviots Northumberland

Crags Around Hedgehope Hill And Langleeford Walk

The Cheviots, Northumberland

A wander to find all the crags near Langleeford including Housey Crags, Long Crags, Tathey Crags, Langlee Crags, Middleton Crags and Steel Crag.

Distance - 18km (11 miles)

Ascent - 675m

Duration - Approx 4 hours

Terrain - Main grassy paths, heather and a bit soggy in parts.

Parking - Plenty of off road parking at Langleeford. View Parking Map

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If you're like me and love a wander in The Cheviots then surely you will have parked up at Langleeford and spotted some chunky crags up near Hedgehope Hill. Having explored the Great Standrop on the south side of Hedgehope Hill it was time to check out these crags on the north east side.

If you prefer to have a video then get some peanuts and a babysham and enjoy.

As you can see there is a lot of wandering around the crags as I snapped a ridiculous amount of photographs, but feel free to use this as a rough guide for your own adventure.

As I approach the parking in Langleeford I get my first glimpse of Housey Crags.

Once parked you get a fabulous view of both Housey Crags and the two main outcrops of Langlee Crags.

From the parking the route is super simple. Follow the fingerpost over the little bridge and then the permissive path takes you all the way to Housey Crags. Before I start, I snap a quick picture of Housey Crags, Long Crags and Hedgehope Hill.

Pretty much at the top now.

Looking back I see the route up Scald Hill to The Cheviot and to the other side is Cold Law. Just in front of Cold Law is the wonderfully named Pinkie Shank.

Housey Crags

Housey Crags is a fabulous grass covered crag that sits like a gatehouse protecting the path to Hedgehope Hill.

Looking towards Hedgehope Hill from the top I spy Cunyan Crags sitting on Dunmoor Hill way in the distance.

And The Cheviot looking glorious! I need another visit up there.

I start to head away from Housey Crags and towards Long Crag.

Long Crag

Next stop is Long Crags which sits nearer to Hedgehope Hill and aptly named as they are a bit long. I walked straight over them and turned back to get the best view.

I am super tempted to head up Hedgehope Hill as it's right there, but it's an extra 300m climbing and I remember the path up being very steep. I keep on plan and stick with the crags for today,

Heading away from Long Crags I snap a mega view of Housey Crags and Langlee Crags.

Tathey Crags

But before I head to either of those I make a detour.

Leaving Long Crag I head over Broad Moss to Tathey Crags.

As with all crags, I have a clamber to the top if it's safe.

Back down now and it's time to trapse across to Langlee Crags. Quick look back to Tathey Crags for a few final snaps.

Langlee Crags

Leaving Tathey Crags I make a beeline over to Langlee Crags in the distance.

The thing about the Langlee Crags is that they are quite spaced out so you need to have a very good wander to see them all.

At the front of the crags facing down in to the valley are two huge spires of rock that I saw from the parking.

Towards the end of the walk I sauntered down the front of them, but here are the pictures below.

Looking back I get a belta photo of The Cheviot and Housey Crags.

As I head on, I head a rumbling of an aircraft and spot it low flying nearby. You may have to squint or zoom to see it. Looked and sounded like an old propeller plane.

Cock Dickson Crags

Next up on the horizon is Middleton Crags, however on the way over I happen across a smattering of crags.

These are the wonderfully double-genitalialy named Cock Dickson Crags.

Middleton Crags

Heading south from Cock Dickson Crags, I can easily see the Middleton Crags on the nearby hill.

Again some amazing crags to wander around.

Not sure if this was a mini sheephold or just a shelter for having your Fruity Malt.

Bit more of a wander. So difficult not to take loads of pictures.

Steel Crag

Last crag of the day was Steel Crag which is just a single outcrop. It was behind a fence, but still easy to see close up.

Threestoneburn Stone Circle

On the other side of the little forest I spied a stone circle on the map so made a bit of loop to see if it was still standing.

Could only spy three main stones, so maybe more like a stone triangle.

There were a few other stones knocking around further away, so not sure if they were part of the circle.

From here I get a fab view of Cunyan Crags.

Then it was just straight back north following the permissive path and this leads me past Tathey Crags (probably should have visited on the way back instead), then back towards Langlee Crags again. I head down the front for more pictures from a different angle, then back towards Housey Crags and follow the same path down that I took up.

A fabulous morning out and the great thing is that once you are at Housey Crags, that is the main climbing out of the way and you can pretty much see all the other crags as you visit them.

Where to Park For Crags Around Hedgehope Hill And Langleeford

Lat / Long

55.496402, 55.496402

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Where To Park For Crags Around Hedgehope Hill And Langleeford?

What three words


Plenty of off road parking at Langleeford.

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue pele tower up a remote hill, a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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Simon Hawkins

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