High Hartington Lime Kiln

Lime Kiln Morpeth Northumberland

High Hartington Lime Kiln

Lime Kiln In Morpeth, Northumberland

A 19th century lime kiln near the Wannie Line.

If you're having a wander on the Wannie Line then why not take a little detour to visit one of Northumberland's 400 lime kilns. (Although I'm not sure if they are all still standing!)

The Hartington Lime Kiln was built in the 19th century as is still in excellent condition. Back in the day it burned lime from the nearby quarry just north of nearby Tut Hill.

It's probable that some of the lime would have been exported on the railway.

Thanks to Kevin Middlemiss for the photographs.

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Where Is High Hartington Lime Kiln

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55.192904, -1.965207
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55.200854, -1.955192

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Parking is a little difficult so you are probably best off doing this as part of the Wannie Line walk. You may get away with finding a space at the side of the road.

Simon Hawkins

Contributed by Simon Hawkins

Thanks for checking out this place on the Fabulous North! I do enjoy a wander out in to the countryside trying to find hidden gems that not many people know about. You can't beat a rogue Pele tower up a remote hill or a mysterious stone circle or a stunning waterfall secluded in a forest.

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